DEVCOM C5ISR Center works to bring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) into sharper focus for students and provide direction and awareness of what work in the technology fields entails. A few of these opportunities include: 


The Summer Program enhances your child’s interest in STEM through a fun, hands on approach based on how today’s students learn science. The curriculum for each session revolves around observation, questioning, and designing solutions using engineering and technology. All programs are taught by state-certified teachers. The C5ISR Center Math and Science Camp is designated as a camp in “good standing” by the license board of the Maryland Department and Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH). 

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Thank you for your interest in the C5ISR Center Math and Science Summer Camp. Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2024 season. Please be sure to visit us next December for information about the 2025 C5ISR Center Math and Science Summer Camp season. Have a great year and we hope to see you next summer.

For questions, please reach out to the C5ISR Center Community Outreach Office at usarmy.apg.devcom-c5isr.mbx.c5isr-camp@army.mil.

Introducing the Summer 2024 Themes

STEM in Sports: Entering 5th and 6th Grade.

July 22 – July 26

Can you play tennis with a baseball? Or soccer with a volleyball? What makes hockey gear effective? Find out what makes silly putty special (and make some to take home), and then, design a safe capsule for your athlete to survive different bumps and bruises. Join us as we dive into the STEM that makes the sports that we love fun and safe.

De-Cypher-ing Communication: Entering 9th and 10th Grade.

July 29 – August 2

What do the Julius Ceasar, Big Bang Theory, Titanic, and the US Army have in common? Coded messages! Learn how to decipher codes, send secret messages, and create your own cypher as we dive into cryptology and the history of communication.

STEM-a-Palooza: Entering 7th and 8th Grade.

August 5 – August 9

See STEM all around you. From the games we play to the vehicles we drive; STEM is in every part of our lives. During the week, we will learn how to use solar energy for power, explore if your favorite board and dice games are fair, and dive into the meaning of STEM with fun experiments.