Dr. Donald Reago, Jr.


Research and Technology Integration Directorate

Dr. Donald Reago, Jr. is the Director of the C5ISR Center’s Research and Technology Integration Directorate. In this capacity, he is responsible for planning and executing the Army’s science and technology investments in the following areas: sensors; position, navigation and timing; electronic warfare; offensive and defensive cyber; radio frequency spectrum and sensing; countermine technologies; radar systems; identification capabilities; tactical communications; computing platforms; electro-optic components; image processing technologies; artificial intelligence and machine learning; signal processing; sensing capabilities; and power and energy.

Dr. Reago, who was selected for the Senior Executive Service in May 2014, is an internationally recognized authority in Night Vision, Countermine and Sensor technologies, and has served on numerous Joint, National, and International coordinating activities. He is the Chairman of the Office of Secretary of Defense Sensors Community of Interest and the Army representative to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Sensors and Electronics Technology panel. He holds a BS and PhD in Physics from the University of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla MO.